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Introducing our Merchant Relief Program = Zero processing fees + a free POS system

100% free equipment (includes installation, training and service), zero processing fees, 5 star local support team, and more…

Exatouch is our premier in-house POS system for convenience stores, restaurants and retail shops. 100% free hardware only $29 monthly cloud fees. EVERYTHING you would expect in a solid POS system.

Clover is the very easy to use, super common workhorse you see in almost every other store. We provide you all the hardware you need (100% free) and zero processing fees. (Clover has some direct monthly fees, and vaires by setup).


Need a simple counter top unit? We have dozens to choose from, all 100% free to use.


Give us a call or shoot us a text and one of our team members would be thrilled to stop by and chat with you and see if our Merchant Relief Program might be a good fit for you.


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