We are not your typical Merchant Account Professionals


Most people in this space work for the processor and their goal is to make as much money as possible on your merchant account. That's not how we do it. When you hire us, you are the client and we work for you. Our goal is to get you the absolute best rates, service and equipment for your specific situation.


When you need help, we are super responsive - providing assistance within minutes, 7 days a week by email, phone and text.


We provide premium technology, the lowest rates available (usually by half), and the best support teams in the USA. We want your business and your enthusiastic referrals. Give us a try and we'll prove it.


Let us help you: 90% of the merchant account statements we analyze are not priced competitively. We provide a free no obligation, annual checkup, and rate your fee schedule against our preferred providers.

Scott Moore, Managing Partner

Scott has been helping local business owners upgrade service and downgrade fees for over 15 years . His specialties include treating clients like family, explaining payment processing in easy to understand/plain English and being there when you need help.



Jessica Moore, CEO

Jessica helps get the word out makes sure all the I's & T's are crossed. Running the #1 Payments Team in Sacramento requires a keen eye for detail, and no one does it better.


Jovi Moore, VP Operations

Jovi has a keen eye for detail too and will one day be CEO. Currently helping us grow our merchant base from 400+ local clients to over 1000!



Axel Moore, VP Sales

Axel is very gregarious and loves to help people, one day  he'll be Managing Partner. Currently helping us grow our merchant base from 400+ local clients to over 1000!